I currently work as a freelance localizer, translator, reviewer, editor, subtitler and language specialist, and collaborate with several translation agencies and end clients around the world. Check the Projects section to see some examples. My professional in-house experience is as follows:

From November 2007 to June 2008, I worked at Square Enix Ltd., in Tokyo (Japan).

In my position as In-house Videogame Translator, I participated in the localization of all in-game text and voice scripts included in the massive Japanese RPG The Last Remnant. We were a team of 2 translators, undertaking glossary and style guide creation, translation, subtitling of clips, cross review.


From January 2003 to August 2004, I worked at Logoscript, S.L. (LCJ-Spain), in Barcelona (Spain). This company was acquired by HiSoft, which was part of Pactera, now Centific.

In my position as Language Coordinator, my main responsibilities were:

  • setting up of linguistic/language QA department
  • creation and maintenance of style guides and glossaries for several clients and for internal use
  • creation of linguistic instructions and localization guides for teams of translators
  • creation and maintenance of quality assurance tracking processes and translators’ database
  • terminology research for several clients in various fields
  • managing, filtering and resolving queries from translators
  • correction of tests from new translators


From July 2002 to December 2002, I was already working at Logoscript, S.L. (LCJ-Spain), in Barcelona (Spain).

This time my role was Project Manager, and my main duties were:

  • planning and managing multilingual localization and translation projects, from the initial budget to final delivery
  • liaising between clients and the production team (software engineers, translators, language leads)


From April 2000 to June 2002, I worked at Tek Translation International, in Madrid (Spain).

As Linguistic Controller or Spanish Specialist, my role involved the following tasks:

  • software localization, some technical translation and above all reviewing and proofreading
  • terminological research for several clients in various fields, mainly medical, pharmaceutical and hardware
  • creation and maintenance of glossaries