I currently work as a freelance translator, reviewer/editor, subtitler and linguistic consultor, and collaborate with several translation agencies and end clients around the world. Check the Projects section to see some examples. My professional in-house experience is as follows:

From November 2007 to June 2008, I worked at Square Enix Ltd., in Tokyo (Japan).

In my position as In-house Videogame Translator, I participated in the localization (as part of a team of 2 translators) of all in-game text and voice scripts included in the massive Japanese RPG The Last Remnant.


From January 2003 to August 2004, I worked at Logoscript, S.L. (LCJ-Spain), in Barcelona (Spain). This company was acquired by HiSoft, which now is part of Pactera.

In my position as Language Lead, my main responsibilities were:

  • terminology research for several clients in various fields: IT (software and hardware), machine tools, business intelligence, etc.
  • creation and update of style guides and glossaries for several clients
  • creation of linguistic instructions and guides for teams of translators
  • creation and maintenance of quality assurance tracking processes and translators databases
  • correction of tests from new translators
  • managing, filtering and resolving queries and querylogs from translators


From July 2002 to December 2002, I was already working at Logoscript, S.L. (LCJ-Spain), in Barcelona (Spain).

This time my role was Project Manager, and my main duties were:

  • planning and managing multilingual localization and translation projects, from the initial budget to final delivery
  • liaising between clients and the production team (software engineers, translators, language leads)


From April 2000 to June 2002, I worked at Tek Translation International, in Madrid (Spain).

As Linguistic Controller, my role involved the following tasks:

  • software localization, some technical translation and above all reviewing and proofreading
  • terminological research for several clients in various fields, mainly medical, pharmaceutical and hardware
  • creation and update of glossaries