Linguistic SEO of Spanish Websites

If you have a website, I’m sure you know about search engine optimization or SEO. And I’m sure you know about the two sides of SEO: the technical and the linguistic. Only a few companies can afford to pay SEO professionals who offer technical strategies and packs, or content marketing and linguistic SEO.

I offer you an affordable service which will improve your linguistic SEO: the linguistic optimization of your web through a series of customized help documents. You don’t need to pay a specialized copywriter or redactor, you will write your own content with a little, but very useful, help.

If you are going to create a new website (no matter if an e-commerce, a company website, or a blog), or you already have one, this service can help you. If you need to improve quality, improve website content o work on some linguistic aspects of SEO to enhance your position in searches, keep reading. Maybe you are interested in any, or all, of these services:

  • Lists of keywords and semantic reports

Sometimes we need ideas to organize a whole website. Which categories shall I use? How shall I organize the information? Other times, we need ideas to write blog entries or articles. What can I talk about? Which words shall I use? We are referring to the keywords.

You only have to provide us with some information and a main word which defines the main services you offer, and we start our researching engine. From the information you provide us with, we generate several documents for you to have handy when writing your blog articles, your product page or any other kind of webpage. With this documentation, you will be able to organize information, get ideas for your entries or pages, and, mainly, show a great semantic richness in anything you compose:

  • List of the most suitable keywords, organized by categories and subcategories, and ordered by importance in use in web searching engines

  • Semantic report on two of the most important keywords shown in first doument, which includes synonims, terms in same semantic fields, related ideas, and so on

  • Semantic report on two other keywords chosen by customer after receiving first document with the list of keywords

If you are interested or have any doubt about all this, please contact me and I will explain in detail.

  • Text review and optimization

Any website must be absolutely correct in terms of spelling and grammar. But this is not enough. If we also work on the style and tone, the structure of texts, the ideal length of paragraphs, the use of different types of headers and titles, bold, bullets, etc., we are not only helping user or reader to understand and read better our texts, but we are gaining positions in web search engines.

  • Style guides and/or templates

If you have a website with dynamic content (a blog in which you publish entries on an ongoing basis, an e-commerce in which you keep adding product pages, or any other web content), you need to keep this content consistent in terms of structure and style. And specially if you have several writers. A style guide or template will be very helpful and will make your writing work more quick and efective.

From your ideas or your already existing website, we create a style guide for composing product pages, for writing up articles in a blog, or for any kind of content you create in your web.

If you need more information on any of the services described above, please contact me. Show me your existing website or your ideas for a new one, and we will see how we can take advantage of the written language.