Videogames Localization

As in other kinds of audiovisual translation, the localization of videogames does not only involve translation, but “transcreation”. Text and dialogs have to be adapted and recreated in order to achieve a target text that is natural sounding and has the same effect as the source text.

Depending on the type of videogame, there are many questions that become important in the localization process, such as some characters characterization through their use of language and expressions, the overall tone of the whole game (old-fashioned, modern, funny, mystic…), consistency when choosing to translate or not proper names (characters, places, monsters…).

In some cases, synonym dictionaries can be very useful tools for finding the precise word, or a term more appropriate for a general tone.

I have experience with all kinds of videogames. Don’t hesitate to contact me for any typology:

  • Any kind of mobile and tablet games
  • RPGs
  • Third person shooters
  • Strategy games
  • Space combat
  • Children games